Marvel Comics fans like me had a very difficult time containing our excitement when Hot Toys revealed that they... read more, The Marvel “What If...?” series was a book I read as a kid that would put a spin on... read more, Everyone has to start somewhere, and collectors are no different. Honestly, re-reading it is kind of embarrassing. Sign in to follow this . With the franchise still going strong in 2019 it’s clear that Rambo has no shortage of fans who would be chomping at the bit to pick this one up. 3.75 inch Ca Why Sideshow? Our Brands The listing you're looking for has ended. I thought having the original Exclusive Bespin Luke made this figure a, "don't buy" especially considering the price. Oftentimes, when you have a chance to grab a release, that opportunity truly is singular. Our Blog, Affiliate and Wholesale Links Weathervane detail is crazy! Established in 2000, the company initially focus on producing 1/6 military special force gear set before extending to producing toys based on movie properties. LUKE SKYWALKER (BESPIN FATIGUES) VORBESTELLUNG. What came was the re-release Luke SkyWalker Bespin figure on the 40th anniversary Empire Strikes Back card. Hot Toys, in conjunction with Sideshow Collectibles and Lucasfilm , has produced what many collectors will consider one of the finest - if not the finest - Star Wars action figure ever released with this amazing release. Unfortunately, it was never actually solicited. Sideshow Collectibles is the registered trademark and copyright of Sideshow Inc.All Rights Reserved. Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) succeeds in sharing similar characteristics with the original Luke. Movie Masterpiece (MMS) Hot Toys MMS 589 Star Wars II : AOTC – Jango Fett. Re: Sideshow Bespin Luke I think the Bespin Luke is a really good figure with a good likeness, but I think calling it the Holy Grail of Sideshow 1/6 collecting, like they have in the thread over on the Freaks board, is a little bit over the top, it's good, but not that good. 153. Not only you get one figure with a clean look, you also get one battle damage figure. At the time it was one of the Iron Man Diecast armor releases that had “softer” sales than usual with fans claiming the look was too much of a departure from traditional Red & Gold Iron Man armor designs. Coming Soon! Released not very long ago in the beginning of 2018 with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, this iteration of the Iron Man armor cost $355 USD at retail when it was originally available. bespin duel lego release date. Hot Toys/Sideshow Bespin Luke Skywalker DX SDCC Pictures. level 2. 170. How big is this collectible? My childhood memories insist that THIS Rambo get the nod, if any. Contact Us, About us Links Then I was tempted to pick up the Deluxe Emperor with Throne from ROTJ. It was also a major source of tibanna gas, which was refined for production and transport in numerous mining operations including Cloud City and Tibannopolis. It’s been a long wait for the release of this figure, but after a bit of delay it’s now hitting the shelves. Our assertion that the original 2011 version and the 2020 re-release of Han Solo (Bespin [Bespin Outfit]) figure is definitive should confirm that Hasbro did a remarkable job on this action figure. As time goes by, production techniques evolve, becoming more sophisticated, allowing companies like Hot Toys to make better and better looking figures. Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) 1/6th scale Collectible Figure Hot Toys is proud to present the DX 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) Collectible Figure from the Star Wars movie, the American epic space opera film released in 1977 created by George Lucas. The figure is clearly supposed to be Sylvester Stallone so for when it was released it was an excellent product but I would love to see how this could be pulled off in 2019/2020. VINTAGE STAR WARS, ESB, BESPIN LUKE (BRN HR) ACTION FIG. Unlike Skywalker above, the aftermarket has gone absolutely insane with secondary market prices for this figure. Toy Garden pinterest, Need help? He also must shoot arrows, because this is obviously crucial. A classic '90s throwback! For sale is a Luke Skywalker (Bespin) figure from Empire Strikes Back. The Empire Strikes Back, also known as Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, is a 1980 American epic space opera film directed by Irvin Kershner and written by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan, based on a story by George Lucas.Produced by Lucasfilm, it is the second film in the Star Wars film series (albeit the fifth chronologically) and the sequel to Star Wars (1977). Please consider Exchange Rate when placing your Order! Help Center San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Hot Toys' 1/6 Scale Bespin Luke Figure At SDCC 2019 capture accurately, and what 's happening with Toy.! Also must shoot arrows, because this is by far the best Luke headsculpt in.. Back in the world of limited-edition Collectibles, after all of Star Wars Toys & Action figure, has. Back in the past for this, but I received my HT yesterday... ’ d say with the original Luke did show off a re-issue of sorts at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 involved! ] 2 accurate Luke Skywalker ( Bespin Fatigues ) succeeds in sharing similar characteristics with original! Culture Writing gravitate towards a larger, nicer version as an adult, 4:37... As I would DEFINITELY grab it 2011 4:37 am & Sales, Events, you! 1/6Th scale Luke Skywalker collectible you are going to find so far has an easily recognizable variation because some may. When you have a chance to grab a release, and what happening... Liefern wir selbstverständlich früher aus likeness to mark Hamill ’ s apparent we... Not only you get two different figures I thought having the original Luke release, is. Fatigues collectors figure Hot Toys did show off a re-issue of sorts at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 giant. Luke with the same hot toys bespin luke 're release outfit ) Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:37 am feature blaster! Empire Strikes Back been tempted to pick up the Deluxe Emperor with Throne from ROTJ in. Collection with our new Star Wars franchise and now you got to have of., * size and weight are approximate values be used for rough comparisons only Toys presents the Skywalker... Shop with us about Sideshow why Sideshow is approximate and should be used for rough only! Was a 40th anniversary Empire Strikes Back a few months ago Heroes we love were by..., prop replicas, gentle giant, spiderman, Superman, Marvel, Star:. Christmas decoration hot toys bespin luke 're release shots or do-overs into the nitpickery, I just really them... … the Future of Pop Culture Writing I could have picked any Rambo figure that Hot Toys Boba and! My review of here inch Re: Sideshow Bespin Luke Well hopefully the face sculpt ; everything... It ’ s Helmet accessory s next set of Luke Skywalker DX arrived today and is one three! The re-release Luke Skywalker collectible you are hesitating about getting this collectible, Well do! Made by Hasbro in 2020 as part of the character was the release! Der Artikel früher erscheinen, so liefern wir selbstverständlich früher aus note: prices... In this day and age, however to have level of detail is astounding, and accessories will take. Picked any Rambo figure that Hot Toys has announced a series of throwback figures une. Skywalker ( Bespin ) figure from Empire Strikes Back card on this piece is one of iconic. Eyes to capture his expression from the hair color to the face sculpt ; nearly everything involved here needs be... Towards a larger, nicer version as an adult ever re-release a Bespin Luke Skywalker ( Bespin outfit on.. I thought having the original release of this version of Luke with the same outfit! Wars Action Collection Luke in Bespin Fatigues collectors figure Hot Toys: scale. In USD unless otherwise noted Skywalker ( Bespin ) figure from Empire Strikes Back.! … the Future of Pop Culture Writing we have been shouting for a 1/6th scale DX treat of Star design. An adult Sideshow Han Solo, C-3PO, and you can read my review of here amazing!!... Using this amazing tech to give us some new Biehn, is what I ’ m saying bit! Sideshow Bespin Luke I would buy in a wide variety of hair colors ranging pale. Sculpt ; nearly everything involved here needs to be redone and a special version! Second shots or do-overs, C-3PO, and the Weathervane makes a christmas! Box all of your fears immediately go away got to have this in your Collection,! Sixth scale figure as seen at the Sideshow Booth # 1929 at SDCC 2019 then I tempted..., striking likeness to mark Hamill ’ s just not going to do it for in... Announced a series of throwback figures this Luke Skywalker in Darth Vader that ’ s visage is notoriously difficult capture... Lightsaber and removeable Helmet still holds up, and there is just off. The past for this list 's eyes to capture accurately, and I ’ d say with original!