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The science of astrology aspires to pierce the mystery of the life of man on earth through speculation on the astral influence on it. The birth chart or Indian horoscope is a map of the heaven at the time of birth for those who can decipher the planetary script. It provides vital clues to the sequence of events that are littered over a vast span of life.

Astrology has proved to be an extremely effective tool in shaping and pre planning children's career and molding their personalities in the Asian subcontinent.

Every child is born an individual with a basic intelligence and wisdom level, having his / her own preconceived likes, dislikes, interests and above all a pre-determined 'destiny'.

Most parentage blunders are made due to ignorance in understanding and analysing a child's mental framework. Ignorance is not bliss in this case rather, it is hazardous.

This is where we come in to.....help

We will study and analyze your little one's birth chart and will REVEAL to YOU.....

  • Her mental framework down to the detail.
  • Her emotional likes and dislikes.
  • Her dormant talents ad abilities.
  • Her professional and educational inclinations.
  • Her life high points and time periods.
  • Her flexible behavior and personality traits.
  • Her negatives, which need to be molded and positives, which need to be encouraged.

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