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Over the years, the stock markets have come to assume a vital place in the world’s economy. The fortunes are made and broken, on a regular basis in this volatile and shifty world. With due respect to the stock market experts’ views, it has to be accepted that it would be hugely useful if the market’s trends could be accurately foreseen. Astrology, by reading into the planetary trends (of a particular country, time-period, company and scrip), can calculate and predict the probable movements of the market. Astrologersindia.com read into this trend, and thus was born Fortune Mantra. A specialised and personalised astrology-based stock markets’ consultation service, Fortune Mantra aims at helping individuals and firms increase profits and reduce losses in speculative dealings, especially those related with stock markets. It is here where Astrologersindia’ strong astrology base merges with a deep understanding of the financial markets to create a breathtaking combination that’s Fortune Mantra.

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