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Om Shakti Om- Dear people, i am Acharaya Sumit from ludhiana.punjab,india, land of saints,gurus,maryatrs,freedom fighters,sacred place on the planet earth.we indians have a great guidence from our ‘rishi-munis’ that how to live our life successfully. astrology (jyotish) is one of the basic system to know the do’s and donts of our life.so lets know what we are actually according to our vedas.re-birth system shows that we have to across 84-yonis to get moksha(puran shanti).god give us many chances to get rid of our (paap-karma) by sending us on the earth thourgh mother’s woomb (janm-chakkar) so always remember if we are on the earth in living situation with natures five elements –agni+prithvi+jal+vayu+akash then we have to maintain the balance between these five elements to get rid of our last births (paap-karmas) in this life.only true guru can guide you how maintain the life through five elements that is by remedies (upaayas).help ever-hurt never is big basic funda to up-date our karmas.only horoscope(janam-kundli) can tell us - pichle janam ke dosh kya the kyon hum fir se janam-chakkar mein aa gaye hain....kya hai hamare pitar dosh.let us know the secerets through india’s best kaalsarp dosh/pitar dosh specialist jyotishi by Acharaya Sumit

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