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Acharaya Sumit

Om Shakti Om- Dear people, i am Acharaya Sumit from ludhiana.punjab,india, land of saints,gurus,maryatrs,freedom fighters,sacred place on the planet earth.we indians have a great guidence from our ‘rishi-munis’ that how to live our life successfully. astrology (jyotish) is one of the basic system to know the do’s and donts of our life.so lets...

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Acharaya Mohit

Acharya Mohit is a well known tarot reader, professional astrologer and numerology expert having an experience of more than 10yrs. he is a firm believer of continuous meticulous research in order to continuously improve upon existing traditional sciences, and as such is also pursuing advanced research in astro numerology and remedial astrology .he ...

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Venus Miglani

Venus Miglani as her name suggests is a renowned astrologer from North India.Few years back, she lost her heart to the mystical and para- normal subjects.She attained her degrees in astrology as ´Jyotish Bhaskar' & 'Jyotish Martand' from recognized institutes in North India.She has been awarded many times by many astrological socities .She is an e...

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