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Venus Miglani as her name suggests is a renowned astrologer from North India.Few years back, she lost her heart to the mystical and para- normal subjects.She attained her degrees in astrology as ´Jyotish Bhaskar' & 'Jyotish Martand' from recognized institutes in North India.She has been awarded many times by many astrological socities .She is an expert in Vedic Astrology, Red book, Gemology, Colour therapy & Pshychological healing. She is excelled in making accurate predictions and cancellations of Manglik dosha, kaal sarp dosha and researched on intricacies of many such yogas. She asserts that wearing a particular gemstone & donating particular articles etc. can diminish the impact of mishappenings in your life. Apart from it, she has implemented some psychological healing remedies like meditation , chanting mantras and tapping body points to combat affects of negative planets to rejuvenate oneself.Consult her for Business,career,Match making,Health & Marriage problems & Gemstones.

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